The Mini is coming!


It’s time! This Friday will see the much awaiting launch of the Mini Flyte. After months of development and drawing up design after design, we’re all ready to let the Mini’s lose into the world!

So what’s different about the Mini? Firstly, as suggested by the name, it’s a smaller version of our Midi Flyte. The case is roughly 5cm smaller on every side with a 21 litre capacity, and the scooter height is 10cm shorter making it perfectly for tiny travellers. We designed the Mini so all the little siblings out there can get in on the fun of Flyte as well, as it’s ideal for 2 to 4 year olds.

Another difference is the case itself! Our Midi’s are made from a shiny, squidgy plastic whilst the new Mini’s have a stylish, matte finish to them. They’re still the same squidgy foam underneath, so parents don’t need to be worrying about breaks or cracks appearing whilst the kids are scooting about or sitting on the cases.

Of course, you may have noticed we have an entirely new line-up of designs as well! We’ve welcomed a few new characters to the Flyte family and we hope you all love them just as much as we do.


Only a couple of days to go!

We're Signing Off! All Orders Will Be Processed When We Return January 3rd