New York, New York!

Our time in the Big Apple has come to an end and we’ll be sad to leave!

Untitled design (4)

For those of you who don’t know, this little British brand packed up its Flytes and flew across the pond to set up shop at New York Toy Fair. We smuggled over Olivia, Snapper and all of our other existing designs as well as some super top secret previews of the highly anticipated Mini Flyte (not long to go now, people!).

Thanks to everybody who stopped by, visited our stand and perhaps even had a little scoot. We’re glad to see people just as excited about Flyte as us! We’ve had some fantastic feedback and can’t wait to get working on our plans for 2016. The sky’s the limit after all!

Olivia the Owl Flyte with BB8

In one of our few free moments, we had our own little wander around the show and it was such a great atmosphere. Even Olivia flew off and tried to hang out with BB-8. Unfortunately Flytes aren’t quite ready for intergalactic travel; we’ve put that on the list for future models!

We’ve spent our last day in New York chasing our new little monster, Sid the Cyclops, around the city! He’s decided to stay behind and live the New York life, but we can confirm that his green twin will be hitting our store in the coming months!
Little Monster Flyte in New York

We’re sad to leave, but are incredibly happy to announce that Flyte is going to be available to buy at Toys R Us in the USA from April – both in stores and online, so put it in your diary folks!

In the mean time, the rest of us will be returning to Old Blighty to work on bringing you the rest of the Mini range this Spring!

Simon and the Flyte Crew in New York

Thanks for having us, New York!
From Simon and the Flyte Crew