• Polly the Panda

    Polly the Panda

    Pack up your Polly to make sure you avoid a panda-monium at the airport. This cute and cuddly bear is perfect for storing the essentials of any little traveller, even without a bamboo treat!

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  • Olivia the Owl

    Olivia the Owl

    Meet Olivia the Owl! This cutie is made for soaring around the airport or swooping through the streets. She’ll keep her keen eyes on your little one’s favourite toys, which you can keep zipped up inside her case.

    In Stock £69.99 more info
  • Snapper the Shark

    Snapper the Shark

    Snapper the Shark is chomping at the bit to sink his teeth into your little diver’s favourite toys and games. This fearsome predator is for the bravest boys and girls to take on the world.

    Out of Stock £69.99 more info
  • Sid the Cyclops

    Sid the Cyclops

    Big Sid is here! Release your little monsters on the world to kick start their adventure. Don’t worry, Sid will keep his eye on them and their travel essentials. But we can’t promise no mischief!

    In Stock £69.99 more info
  • Power Pink

    Power Pink

    It doesn’t matter if you’re family is taking on an  urban jungle or an exoctic paradise, the Power Pink Flyte will make sure your little traveller stands out from the crowd.

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  • Betty


    The ever-smiling Betty will brighten up every adventure. This nesting doll has cleared out her smaller companions to make room for everything your little one needs.

    In Stock £69.99 more info
  • Pacific Blue

    Pacific Blue

    Whether your little traveller is hitting the beach or taking on the city, they’ll sail through the crowds on the original Pacific Blue Flyte.

    In Stock £69.99 more info

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