• Snapper the Shark Backpack Plush

    Our squishy Snapper the Shark plushy will be your best travel companion with a secret backpack inside to store all your stuff!

    In Stock £6.99 more info
  • H20 Blanket Plush

    The H20 plush is the best buddy for long drives and journeys, as packed up inside he has his very own blanket.

    In Stock £6.99 more info
  • Sid the Cyclops Blanket Plush

    Even little monsters need a nap! Hidden inside Sid is a cosy blanket, so little adventurers can keep warm!

    In Stock £6.99 more info
  • Olivia the Owl Plush

    Olivia the Owl Backpack Plush

    Add this little Owl to your travels and not only will you have a cuddly buddy to keep you company, but hidden inside is a backpack to put all your essentials.

    In Stock £6.99 more info

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