The Launch of the Maxi…

flytemaxiwebv2We’ve been working on the Maxi for all of 2016. We’ve tried more than 5 different prototypes and designs. We’ve gone through more materials than fashion week. We’ve reinvented the whole thing more times than we’d care to admit. Alongside this, we’ve had hundreds of enquiries through social media and email about when the Maxi will arrive.

We originally set ourselves the goal of launching the Maxi for this Christmas, so that Santa could deliver them to teen travellers around the world.

Unfortunately, we still have some tweaks and changes to make before we’re happy we’ve made the best product we can. This means that the Maxi will not launch in 2016.

We’re sorry to disappoint all those who have been waiting on the Maxi and we hope that you understand that we couldn’t possible sell you a product that we aren’t 100% happy with. We want everyone to have the best Flyte experience possible, even if it means delaying our arrival time by a couple of months.

We will announce a launch date for the Maxi when we know it ourselves. We understand that there are many folks out there eager to get their hands on one, but we won’t be able to answer all the individual messages we receive regarding the Maxi anymore. Once we have a date, we’ll shout about it all over the website and our social media, we swear!